We are a vibrant team of dedicated Mental Health professionals committed to raising awareness of mental health,  and developing and delivering quality training to enable others to support those in need.


Mo Ollier, Director

As an accomplished Training & Development Consultant I have a wealth of experience in developing and supporting training solutions within the NHS Mental Health Services and the private sector. During my career I have experienced first hand the benefits of addressing mental health both from an individual and organisational perspective.


My experience of supporting mental health in the workplace came through my role as a senior manager within the Manchester Mental Health services. This opportunity alerted me to the plight of people with mental health needs and the kind of support they needed to help to move their lives forward. My commitment and drive to developing the right support service enthused employers, educationalist, local authority and health authority senior staff to join me in forming a key partnership for Service Users, The Greater Manchester Employment Mental Health Service Partnership.

The creation of Focused Training  came as a result of my passion to educate others to understand the importance of good mental health and how we can support those in need.  In making this a reality I have sought out like-minded experts in the field and am proud to lead a dedicated team of  passionate professionals in our mission to put mental health 'on the map'.

Helen is an experienced trainer with over 25 years senior management and practitioner experience within the statutory, voluntary and private sectors. Helen qualified as a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor in 2012. Following this she has since registered as MHFA England Workplace and School Associate Trainer and gained extensive experience delivering to a wide range of participants. As a keen advocate of mental health first aid she has published  2 academic publications. 

In addition to delivering MHFA courses Helen has developed and delivered a wide range of training programmes to health, social care, education and private sector professionals.  Her training portfolio includes a diverse range of health and safeguarding topic based training for frontline professionals which she has delivered to key private and public bodies including  the Lancashire police force and NHS England. 


Helen thoroughly enjoys the learning process. Recognising the sensitive nature of her training courses she promotes an environment where learners are put at their ease allowing them to fully participate. To maximise learning opportunities her sessions are interactive and informative. 

Feedback from training delegates is very positive and training programmes she delivers are consistently rated as ‘excellent’ and ‘very good’ by participants.  

Helen Corteen, Training Associate

Peter Abbott, Training Associate

Peter is an accredited instructor through Mental Health First Aid England with over 15-years' experience of delivering a variety of different courses including all the MHFA England courses alongside Awareness and Wellbeing workshops addressing work/life balance, mindfulness, and stress coping techniques.

He delivers all MHFA courses to a wide variety of clients across the U.K.  His recent clients include the charities Mind, Women Out of Prison, Clean Break and the British Institute for the Deaf. He has also worked with the Royal National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, 3M, Warrington LiveWire and Total Oil, receiving very positive feedback from all his clients.

Peter’s commercial and ‘lived’ experience means he completely understands how employee health and wellbeing should be supported in the workplace. He consults on new policy and procedures in the workplace, undertakes staff training, and works with companies to cascade new strategy and training throughout the organisation to ensure a best fit.


Peter’s ethos is if you look after the workforce they will look after the business for you.

As a qualified Social Worker and Psychotherapist Lisa has many years’ experience of working with people in mental health services and is a qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor. She has worked extensively in a variety of roles in the NHS, community and schools delivering wellbeing training.

​She is passionate about facilitating course participants to enhance their understanding of mental health first aid in the workplace, working to develop delegates confidence in responding to  and supporting their colleagues in the right way. Lisa is fully aware of the challenges that the mental health agenda can bring to the workplace and views Mental Health First Aid courses as an effective way to challenge stigma and discrimination in employment.​

Like all our trainers Lisa is committed to ensuring her clients receive a quality training service and undertakes regular professional development and refresher training to ensure her knowledge and skills set are kept up to date.

Lisa Wisher, Training Associate

Zoe Woodworth, Training Associate

An experienced trainer with over 10 years direct experience within Health and the third sector directly related to promoting positive mental health. Zoe qualified and trained as a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor in December 2009 and has been a Youth Mental Health First Aider since Sept 2011. Zoe’s previous roles have included, Healthy Lifestyles Manager, she has worked with key partners to help deaf and disabled people back into employment through developing employment and social groups.


The delivery of the Adult and Youth MHFA England products has been one of her key roles, which goes hand in hand with promoting healthy lifestyles and general wellbeing. Zoe has also worked with key partners to help deaf and disabled people back into employment through training and social groups.

As at trainer, presenter and facilitator Zoe has an enthusiastic delivery style which reflects her passion for MHFA England courses, ‘breaking down barriers and perceptions’ of mental health topics as well as direct experience personally and professionally of mental ill health. Appropriately, she shares her insights gained to complement the training for delegates.

With experience of working within the demanding environment of the Prison Services as a Mental Health Nurse Clive offers real life experience of delivering quality training.

Clive is very conscious of the needs of all the learners in his group and makes a conscious effort to adapt his style and content to meet their needs.

Clive Sumpter, Training Associate

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