Mental Health - an employers guide

Practical guide outlining the importance of mental health training within the workplace and the practical steps an organisation can support its workforce. Includes tips on how to get the best out of any investment in training including how to measure impact on the organisation.

A Whole Organisation Approach to Mental Health

Examines the business case for mental health and outlines a whole organisation approach that can be adapted to individual organisations.

Includes examples of organisations across a range of industries using Mental Health First Aid training as part of their wellbeing strategy. These case studies highlight their experiences of the training and the impact it has had on their staff and business.

Making the Business Case for Training - adaptable

This document aims to help you create a business case document to take to your senior leaders/budget holders to sign off on delivering mental health training for your employees. This is designed as a template written from your perspective so it’s easy to edit but the statements in italics are our pointers for what you could insert into the relevant places. 

Making the Business Case for Mental Health - adaptable presentation

This adaptable presentation aims to help you  raise awareness of the business case to  senior leaders/budget holders on delivering mental health training for your employees. 

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